How to Get Rid of Facial Fat

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In most cases, having facial fat is the result of excess fat throughout the body. Making certain lifestyle changes can help a person lose weight and achieve a slimmer looking face. 

The best way to prevent and reduce facial fat is to maintain a healthy weight. People can achieve this by changing their diet, exercising regularly, and sleeping with the right amount of time. However, there are some effective tips for reducing facial fat, as reported in the Medical News Today page.

How to Get Rid of Facial Fat
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1. Cardio

Weight loss in general tends to have a slimming effect on the face. People can do cardio exercises at low, medium, or high intensity. According to some studies, doing high-intensity cardio exercises several times per week helps burn more fat.

A 2015 study investigated the effects of different amounts of exercise on postmenopausal women's body fat. All participants took part in moderate to high intensity exercises for 12 months. Those who exercise for 300 minutes every week burn more fat than those who exercise for 150 minutes per week.

Although this study did not measure facial fat loss directly, they showed that cardio exercise was very effective for burning fat. Overall, weight loss generally tends to have a slimming effect on the face.

2. Facial Exercise

A 2014 article in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research said that doing facial exercises can help strengthen and tighten facial muscles.
Facial Exercise
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Although there is no research that looks at the relationship between facial exercises and facial fat loss, facial exercise can help the face look firmer because someone lost weight.

3. Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Excessive alcohol intake can cause dehydration, which can encourage the body to retain water. In some cases, this can cause water retention on the face, which can make the face appear bloated and swollen.

Alcohol can also contribute to weight gain because of the empty calorie content, which does not provide nutritional benefits. Consuming empty calories can also increase a person's total daily calorie intake, as well as increase body weight.

People who are struggling to get rid of facial fat or weight in general should consider reducing their alcohol consumption.

4. Drink water

Drinking a glass of water before eating can help a person feel fuller. This can help reduce the total number of calories a person consumes. Therefore, drinking water before meals can cause gradual weight loss.

According to a 2016 review of hydration and weight loss, consuming water can make lipolysis, occurs when the body breaks down fat deposits into fatty acids that can be used as energy. Making use of these fat deposits is the key to losing weight.

5. More Sleep

Having the right amount of sleep can have various health benefits. Conversely, lack of sleep can cause weight gain.

According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), lack of sleep affects certain hormone levels which trigger feelings of hunger and satiety. In particular, lack of sleep seems to increase levels of the hormone ghrelin - which stimulates appetite, as well as decreases levels of the hormone leptin - which tells the body that it's time to stop.

Enough sleep can help prevent weight gain, so it can also help reduce the amount of fat stored on the face.

6. Diet

Processed foods tend to contain more calories, salt, and sugar than whole foods. Processed carbohydrates are a group of processed foods made from wheat. During processing, these foods lose fiber and nutrients. As a result, they are high in empty calories.

Processed carbohydrates also cause a quick spike in blood sugar, which can encourage a person to overeat.
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In most cases, people can find reasonable substitutes for overly processed foods. A person can reduce their calorie intake and increase the amount of nutrients they consume by eating fresh food. When combined with exercise, a healthy diet can help people lose excess fat on the face and body.

7. Reduce Salt Usage

Foods high in salt cause the body to retain water. Water retention causes swelling in various parts of the body, including the face. Preparing food and snacks at home gives more control over the amount of salt in their food.

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