Will Google Prohibit Face Filters on Android 11?

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The latest version of Android (Android 11) will reportedly bring small changes, but significant in photography.

Quoting from the Slash Gear page, Tuesday (7/21/2020), in this update, Camera API Behavior v7.5.4. "CameraDevice" and Camera API can no longer change the look of a human face to be different from the original.
Will Google Prohibit Face Filters on Android 11?
Android type (iStockPhoto)
This may be aimed so that there is no change in the appearance of the face in the photo with the original face when taking photos of someone's face.

With this update, Google-licensed Android devices will not have permission to process face filters on smartphone cameras.

Later on Google will also require that a new Android device must ensure the results of a person's face are not altered. In this case changing the appearance of the face can be through changing the shape of the face, skin color, or smoothing facial skin.

If this update is actually implemented, the impact will be felt by Android smartphones that have an active beauty mode by default. 

For Google Official Certified Devices

Will Google Prohibit Face Filters on Android 11?
Devices made by Huawei, Vivo, and others that have a Beauty mode on the camera also need to make adjustments before they can be aligned with the Android OS 11. Of course if the smartphone in question runs with Android and Google's official certificate.

While for Huawei, due to their exclusive Google collaboration currently interrupted, their devices in the future may not be affected.

It is not yet known what the reasons Google might bring about this change, but this is suspected to be related to the Artificial Intelligence algorithm and Machine Learning which continues to experience innovation and change.

Prevent Deepfake?

Will Google Prohibit Face Filters on Android 11?
Illustration of Deepfake. Credit: Facebook AI
If the Android smartphone's camera can change the appearance of a modified photo to be like a real photo, this can fool others.

This is related to deepfake face swaping which has the potential to make a lot of confusion. Apart from that, stopping the photos that are changed or modified is considered to be a wise step to minimize counterfeiting.

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