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All Tutorials Blog is my place to share what I know with others on tutorial blogger, blogger widget, and others.

However there are some scripts that I share here, most of the script is not made by me so I'm sorry if there was a script that I forgot to include a link authornya share because I do not know who the author who created the script. However, I give respect to the author script who has been willing to share his knowledge on us all.

And therefore, here is certainly my place to learn about the web / blog which is now one of my hobbies. I learned web / blog autodidak although my background in IT part of the network, so please be advised if there is a mistake here and there. Hopefully what I share can be useful to others.

And hopefully you can also provide constructive criticism and suggestions for the creation of a better All Tutorials Blog in the future and more useful for the people.

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