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For online business owners or advertisers who want to promote products or services, we as managers of these sites offer services of making and publishing review articles for business products and services.
Job Review
Review article itself is a right way and quite effective as promotional and branding strategies, it is made in order to introduce and attract potential customers that the target market can be very widely on the Internet.

As we know all Internet users searching for products, services and other information are always using search engines on the Internet. For that article reviews can help you to provide information about products and services on search engines so that there will be more opportunities that visitors can see and reach your products and services.

To meet it all, we offer the manufacture and delivery articles review in detail as follows.
  • The topic of the article: Business Online, Blogging, Computers and Internet, Health, Education, Lifestyle, DIY, Android
  • Word count: 400 words / article
  • Period Views: forever
  • The number of backlinks: a maximum of 3 pieces (to the home page, categories, and page posts)

For the cost of making and publishing review articles, we offer the price is quite affordable. You are free to choose whether the review article written by the site manager with a topic or theme specified by you (the advertiser) or content provided by you (the advertiser) itself.

To Advertiser from Indonesia :
  • Price: Rp. 250,000 / articles (articles written by the site administrator)
  • Price: Rp. 200,000 / article (material provided by adveriser article) 
To Advertiser From Outside Indonesia :
For advertisers from outside Indonesia also could make the payment through paypal
  • Price: USD 25 / articles (articles written by the site administrator)
  • Price: USD 20 / article (material provided by adveriser article)
And we have 3 sites that you can select and adjust the content material business or service, or you can select both ways, among them:
How, you interested to order a review article on our sites?

If interested, please contact Admin via email contact.

Payment Info to Advertiser From Indonesia
- For payment, please you send funds to an account in the reviews below.

Bank Mandiri Branch Lhokseumawe
Name: Teuku Maulana
No. Rec .: 158-000-138-124-3

Payment Info to Advertiser From Outside Indonesia - For payment, please press the paypal button below after you select the options you want.

Please Choose One ?

Thank you and regards success.

Teuku Maulana
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